Weight: 192                                       Hair: White                 Suit: 44                       

Height: 5’10                                        Eyes: Blue                  Waist: 37

Shirt : 16/33                                        Shoe: 10.5                   Inseam: 29


Finding Johnny                                Award Winning Movie Mr. Fisher (Principle) Justin Leyba

Actually, Adieu my love                    Grandfather in Cab (Principal) Becoming Jade Films

My Darling                                       Mr. Colfax (Principal) Independent

and introducing Brian                         Higgins (Principal)     Slim Pictures Productions

Frankenstein Day of the Beasr             Priest (Principal)        Alpha Studios 

ER                                                    Standin                        NBC

Grace Is Gone                                     Standin                        Grace is Gone Productions

The Engagement                                 Featured Family Member        Independent

D.O.A.P                                             Extra FBI                      BBC


Covenant Retirement Community          Spokesman (Principal)   3 Annual Sales DVD’s

Training Video                                    CFO (Principal)             NogginLabs, Inc

Cars Collision Training video                Customer (Principal)     3T01 Studios, LLC

West Suburban Bank                            Customer                       Filmontage                                    



Treasure Island Resort and Casino         Principal   2011                         

Steve Quick Jeweler                             Principal                      Optimist Pictures

Swedish American Hospital                  Extra                            Duo Films                              Extra                            Univison

West Suburban Bank                            Principle 2016             Filmontage



Systane Eyedrops                               JudgeJeff Sciortino Photography

Morton Arboretum                            GrandfatherGreg Whitaker Photography

Hollywood Casino                             Principal

Bunn Coffee(My Café)                       Internet Principal  Katrina Wittkamp

TV Show

What the Sell                                   Episode 4 Principal (unaired)  Leftfield Productions

Voice Over

NogginLabsTraining Video                 NogginLabs

William Daley Documentary               Woodrow Wilson Center

DC Training Presentation                    Voice Over                 Safety Management

Abbot Labs Documentary


actone studios                                    Commercial Tech I      Joanne Sylvestrak

actone studios                                    Commercial Acting      Connie Foster

actone studios                                    Fundamentals of Acting Tab Baker

actone studios                                    Ear Prompter               Anne Jacques

Ear Prompter Trained                                                              Rick Plastina

Second City                                        Improv


Golf, Fly Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Open Kayaking, some Biking, Metal Detecting, ATV riding , Canoeing, some rollerblading.

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